Investment Attorney

Galvin Legal is a full service securities litigation, arbitration, and mediation law firm that focuses on the representation of investors who have been defrauded by their broker-dealer, financial advisors with employment related litigation and promissory note issues, and broker-dealers requiring regulatory defense, compliance consulting, and other legal services.


Becoming a victim of investment fraud can be a painful experience. You may have lost a lot of money and may be feeling as if there is nothing you can do to fight back. With Galvin Legal on your side, you can take action. If you need an experienced Investment Fraud Attorney, contact our firm today to learn about your rights. The capable attorneys at Galvin Legal work aggressively to help clients obtain the justice they deserve. We are based in Houston, Texas, but handle cases nationwide. We work hard to hold fraudulent stockbrokers accountable. We are skilled at handling claims involving negligence, fraud and misrepresentation of financial products.

What is Investment Fraud?

Investors typically trust their brokers to act professionally and handle their investments responsibly – whether they have purchased securities, invested in stocks or bonds or made other investments. Unfortunately, some brokers engage in deceptive trade practices or schemes to promote fraudulent activity. They hide these fraudulent practices from investors, who might find out long after they’ve lost money. The brokers might buy or sell securities simply to generate commissions. They might even buy or sell securities without your permission, or make false promises about the investment’s performance.